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How to: Swim in a 300ft Waterfall

Hanakapi’ai Falls is just off of the Kalalau Trail… which I will totally brag about completing until the day I die because that thing was no joke (and even though a portion of the trail to Hanakapi’ai is along the Kalalau trail, hiking to the waterfall is not the same thing as “hiking the Kalalau,” for the record. I have to emphasize that as another way of bragging. Sorry! Humor me.) 
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Still jet-lagged from my fifth visit to the beautiful Hawaiian islands…where I think I finally discovered the answer to this question that I’m constantly getting:

What is it that you like about Hawaii so much?  Continue reading WHY HAWAII?



You may be thinking all sunsets are pretty much the same…fair enough. This one is too, except for the fact that if you make the trek, you’re watching the sunset from above the clouds…from the top of the tallest mountain in the entire world that, if measured from its base, is almost a mile taller than Mt Everest! …& oh yeah, IT’S A DORMANT VOLCANO!! Continue reading ADVENTURE AND A SUNSET; IF YOU’RE INTO THAT SORT OF THING

Big Island, Big Adventure

If you know me then you likely know that I have an unparalleled love for the Big Island of Hawaii, which began in January of 2016. The plan was to see the volcano and the photographer in me was pumped.  Continue reading Big Island, Big Adventure