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A Little Slice of Heaven: Kalalau Beach

Everything you can imagine is real
–Pablo Picasso. 

This is and has been my favorite quote for quite some time so I’m just going to lead with it…

On our first day on Kauai, we woke up with the roosters and got our butts to the trail head that would later show us our way to one of the most magical, secluded beaches in the world.  Continue reading A Little Slice of Heaven: Kalalau Beach


Still jet-lagged from my fifth visit to the beautiful Hawaiian islands…where I think I finally discovered the answer to this question that I’m constantly getting:

What is it that you like about Hawaii so much?  Continue reading WHY HAWAII?

Walking in Wormsloe

Years from now when the Army sends us into the next chapter, my memories of this southern city will be anchored to the beauty of the oaks draped in Spanish Moss in the warm summer air.  Continue reading Walking in Wormsloe

Botany Bay Beach

Work sent me to Charleston for training so I started Googling places worth checking out near the area. I was in a bit of a post travel depression and in need of a local pick-me-up and that’s exactly what I found about an hour away. Continue reading Botany Bay Beach

Kayak to Cockspur Island Lighthouse

As much as I love laying on the beach soaking in the sun, my hubbs does not. So this activity was actually a compromise that ended up being pretty cool.   Continue reading Kayak to Cockspur Island Lighthouse

Mt KILAUEA : Meeting Pele

The photographer in me dreamed of red-hot lava flowing into the cool-blue waves of the pacific ocean in clouds of white steam for months before flying to the Big Island of Hawaii.  Continue reading Mt KILAUEA : Meeting Pele


This post is an alternative for those traveling to the Big Island when volcanic activity is minimal. My first trip to the island, this was exactly the case and was a tough pill to swallow as I was expecting something much different. But the power of Pele is all around and active flow or not, you have to stop by and spend a little time in Volcano. 

Continue reading ONE DAY IN VOLCANO