Still jet-lagged from my fifth visit to the beautiful Hawaiian islands…where I think I finally discovered the answer to this question that I’m constantly getting:

What is it that you like about Hawaii so much? 

Well first of all, it’s Hawaii. But I’m not even going to go that route. 

When people think of Hawaii, I’m quite certain that what they’re envisioning is a relaxing vacation on beautiful beaches with fancy drinks and palm trees blowing in the breeze. Sure this sounds unarguably ‘nice,’ but I guess I finally get it…2000+ miles does sound like a lot of effort for a few ‘nice beach days.’ 

But what if I told you I wasn’t really going for the beaches??

Guys, Hawaii is so much more than getting a tan. I’m not trying to sound like a weirdo but if you let it, this place can really touch your soul and change the way you look at the world. I’m talking about doing Hawaii the right way. It’s almost difficult to really talk about because some of the experiences are so special it’s like you want them kept secret so they stay forever. 

So if you’ve read any of my other posts then you already know my love affair with the islands began with a trip to Oahu. Years later I went to the Big Island three times in a row, and I’ve just recently returned from a trip to Kauai. 

Besides the beaches, which are actually incredibly beautiful and relaxing (and I do love), let me tell you what else I’ve done…

  • I’ve watched the sunset from above the clouds, at the summit of the tallest mountain in the world, which is actually, also a volcano. 
  • I’ve hiked nearly ten miles to active lava flow from Mt Kilauea, where I was so close I could feel the heat burning my eyebrows like a fire on a Hibachi grill (just kidding) but seriously, I could have laid down in it if I’d wanted to. 
  • I’ve watched that same lava churn in a lake in crater, almost too close for comfort and I’ve watched it flow into the ocean, creating MORE Hawaii! 
  • I’ll sum up the lava adventure, but by staying on the Big Island, I literally lived on an active volcano for about 3 weeks in total. 
  • I’ve sat at the top of an 80ft waterfall and watched a rainbow form in the mist
  • I’ve danced along a mile-long black sand beach the heart of a valley 
  • I’ve hiked the Na Pali coast to one of the most secluded beaches in the entire world, along one of the most dangerous trails, where I showered in a waterfall and slept under the shadows of the foggy cathedral cliffs in a sky lit by a full moon
  • I’ve swam in the pool of a 300ft waterfall (it was freezing)
  • I’ve seen humpback whales swim side by side with their babies from yards away
  • I’ve stood at the southern-most point of the United States at sunset


I talk a lot about my love for travel but at this point I think it’s important that I make the distinction between travel and adventure. Paris is nice and all, the crepes are good (yes, i’ve been somewhere other than Hawaii…several other places actually), but that type of travel isn’t really my style. 

Pablo Picasso said “Everything you can imagine is real.” I live for finding places that reaffirm this quote because they are literally everywhere! And I’ve found that they are especially abundant in Hawaii. My style is standing in awe.


So why Hawaii? Highs that last. 


Don’t worry, a still have a few islands left to check out (;


Have you been? What’s the coolest adventure you had?! 

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